Sponsor case study Pub Charity

Pub Charity Sponsor Case Study


Don Manning of Sailability Wellington talked to us (Pub Charity) about the work he and his team do to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to take to the waves and learn to sail.

Members have a range of intellectual and physical disabilities and include paraplegics, MS, Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy, people with brain injuries, and people with Down Syndrome and Fragile X.

The benefits are enormous – all year round, participants have the opportunity to experience the freedom of being on the water, the tremendous sense of achievement, whether that be from learning to manage tasks themselves, or facing the challenge of being in a race, and of course the sheer fun and exuberance of participating.

This is where Pub Charity stepped in and provided support by donating funds for sailing dinghies and ongoing support for future years to come.