New Porirua Jetty

New Porirua Jetty 

Finishing touches before the regatta and official opening.

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In the 15 years that Sailability has been operating, I have never struggled so much to raise money for a project.  I note that we own equipment worth half a million dollars, and I was responsible for finding that!  But this Porirua Community Jetty Project has me on the back foot.  The background to it and an update are here below just in case you wish to pass the whole story on to some of your committee.

The Concept

Some six years ago, the people of Porirua approached Sailability Wellington with a request for us to commence sailing there. Our trust had been operating for some eight years and we had two sailing centres and owned just eight yachts.

To accommodate people from the Kapi-Mana region, we had already included a group of sixteen sailors from Idea Services and a couple of others in our Wednesday sailing programme at Seaview Marina.

With pressure building to take more Hutt Valley Sailors at Seaview, the decision was made to set up on Porirua Harbour.  At the same time, our trust had also been approached by sailing clubs in Horowhenua and Manawatu.  Porirua was, and is, our priority. This is despite the fact that the only usable loading platform is the current float plane jetty, – and then only for a few hours each day to fit in with tidal movements!

Developments to Date

An affiliation has been formed between Titahi bay Boating Club and Sailability Wellington Trust that acknowledges our intention to be long-term members of the club, and to construct a jetty of our purposes. This Jetty would also serve the Boating Club, their other affiliates and all other harbour users.

With the help of engineers and designers, a plan for a jetty which will last for at least 30 years has been produced at some cost, (natural disasters may intervene!).  The cost for this design work has come from IHC Foundation and Plimmerton Rotary.

The TBBC and Sailability have support from Porirua Council and local Iwi and are confident that applications to build from Porirua City and Greater Wellington Regional Council would be successful.

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To date, we’ve been successful in making our desire for the success of this project to become known.  We have met with the Minister for Disabilities Issues, the Local MPs and Mayor of Porirua.  We have had a significant article in the Kapi-Mana news and been on TV1 news.  More recently, we have had an article in the Dominion Post.  Our trust has prepared a ‘Givealittle’ campaign and printed brochures.  We have sent out over 500 of these to people who we know are interested.

The Objectives

As well as providing opportunities for people with disabilities in Porirua, it seems sensible to develop a centre that will include intending Sailability members from Kapiti & Horowhenua as well.

For Sailability, this would become our most significant ‘regional Centre’ as Onepoto hill provides shelter from the prevailing northerly winds. Indeed, we have already made use of the existing Porirua jetty when conditions on Wellington harbour made it too dangerous to sail.  On the other side of the coin, when the southerly winds prevent use of Porirua harbour, we can move the day’s programme to Seaview or Evans Bay.

Fundraising to Date

The building budget for building the jetty and pontoon is just on $150,000, including contingencies.   We have received some significant grants to date:-

  • NZ  Racing Board’s gaming trust                  $8,500
  • Bart’s Bash Trust, (based in the UK)            $8,500
  • Pelorus Trust                                                $10,000
  • N.Z Community Trust                                   $13,000
  • The Trusts Community Trust                        $5,000
  • Hutt Mana Energy Trust                              $4,000
  • Estate of Duncan Renouf                            $15,000
  • Individual donations                                    $3,000

It’s a total of only about $67,000. We are not yet making progress at the rate that gives us an end point.

Funding Opportunities.

We have been told that Council will only help through the community funding scheme (maximum $5,000) whereas we thought they could fund it from council rating amortised over 30 years, (as Wellington Council did at Evans Bay).  We have had either a decline letter or no response from half a dozen of the major successful businesses in Porirua City.

I am acutely aware that the IHC Foundation has kindly provided $25,000 towards the setting up of Sailability on Porirua Harbour.  We are well under way now, with six yachts, – four new ones and two that have been refurbished.  We have 38 members and unless I can find a second volunteer crew to sail on one more day of the week, we are going to have to wait till the intended jetty is complete.  I am delighted to have made contact with Idea Services and other agencies north of Porirua who will also wish to join the programme, – around another 80 would-be sailors.


Don Manning – Club Captain & Trustee

Sailability Wellington Trust Inc.